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In 2021, there were around 1.35 billion people worldwide who spoke English either natively or as a second language, slightly more than the 1.12 billion Hindi continues to be the most widely spoken Indian language in the US, followed by Gujarati, and Telugu. In terms of absolute numbers, Hindi was the most spoken Indian language in the US. UU. With 8.74 lakh speakers as of July 1, 2018, reflecting a slight increase of 1.3% compared to 2017 figures. Over an […] Out of total population of 892,145 the strength of Hindi speaking population is more than 3,30,000 which is significantly high. During the colonial period a great number of contract workers from India were brought here which is the reason of spread of Hindi in this island country.

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October project and this dissertation, and that includes so many people! I deeply German (L1), English (foreign language) and Hindi (unknown language),. Speaking. Official Language: Hindi (spoken by more than 50% of the country's population) and English.

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But the non-Hindi speaking population of South India, whose mother tongues are hardly similar to Hindi, opposed the proposal to ban the use of English. It forced the Parliament to bring into effect the Official Languages Act 1963, which recognized English as an official language of India. Density of population in India is 382 persons per sq km. Delhi (11,320) turns out to be the most densely inhabited followed by Chandigarh (9,258), among all States/UTs, both in 2001 and 2011 Census.

Hindi speaking population

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Hindi speaking population

Between 2001 and 2011, Hindi grew at a rate Maharashtra, West Bengal & Gujarat having significant Hindi speaking populations at par with few of the Hindi-speaking states. Further, the proportion of Hindi speakers within the states is less for the southern states.

Vietnamese How to 'shush' people in different languages by James Chapman Communication  Vayam's know-how & familiarity of working for people at bottom of the Uttar Pradesh is certainly one of the biggest Hindi speaking markets  About 42 of the population speak a language other than Latvian as their first language. Omkring 42 procent av befolkningen har ett annat språk än lettiska som  10.45 - 12.15. Session 3a, Room P216 Language & Discrimination.
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Hindi speaking population

Today is Hindi Day in India. The country  Mar 18, 2021 A large English-speaking population has put India in a unique position Indians outside the northern Hindi-speaking states have vehemently  Jun 3, 2019 According to Census 2011, Hindi is the language of less than 44 per cent Indians and mother tongue of only little over 25 per cent people in  and is home to about 4.46 billion people who speak close to 2300 languages! Hindi is the fourth most-spoken native language in the world, behind Chinese,   Nov 4, 2015 Hindi has emerged as the largest Indian language spoken in the US, with nearly 6.5 lakh people speaking it, according to the latest Census  Marathi, Hindi and English constitute the major languages spoken in this city. The national language, Hindi, is spoken by almost 30% of the people. English is  Jul 24, 2014 According to Census 2001, Hindi is spoken by 53.6% of India's population, mainly in the northern and western belts of the country. For 41%  Hindi speakers often use many words from Urdu and most people who speak Hindi can understand those that speak Urdu and vice versa.

The Adjuscent table provides the list of native language spoken in order of their Ranks. “In Assam, we have identified 16 assembly constituencies which have more than 50,000 Hindi speaking voters. Most of the people in these constituencies have roots in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Punjabis in India. The Punjabi-speaking people make 2.74% of India's population as of 2011. The total number of Indian Punjabis is unknown due to the fact that ethnicity is not recorded in the Census of India. Sikhs are largely concentrated in the modern-day state of Punjab forming 57.7% of the population with Hindus forming 38.5%.
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Hindi speaking population

Data for Bilingualism of Bangla English or Bangla-Hindi wherever available. B. Take the People of India Project figures and tally them with the Census data C. Final Analysis and Fact Findings The anti-Hindi agitation of 1965 was a major catalyst for DMK coming to power in 1967 overthrowing the Congress government. - Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Dayanidhi Maran woos Hindi-speaking Se hela listan på studyfrenchspanish.com However, the diversity of languages in India is not always something that first comes to mind. There is a wealth of Indian languages and dialects spoken in India and we are talking about over 19,000! Hindi is the most spoken language with 44% of the population speaking it as their first language and it’s the official language of India. Number of speakers: Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, due to the large population of India. According to the 1991 census of India (which encompasses all the dialects of Hindi, including those that might be considered separate languages by some linguists-e.g., Bhojpuri), Hindi is the mother tongue of about 337 million Indians, or about 40% of India's population that If you just started learning English, you first need to know some basic rules of the language.

The following table contains the top 100 languages by estimated number of native speakers in the 2007 edition of the Swedish encyclopedia Nationalencyklopedin.As census methods in different countries vary to a considerable extent, and given that some countries do not record language in their censuses, any list of languages by native speakers, or total speakers, is effectively based on estimates. A sizeable population in Afghanistan, especially in Kabul, can also speak and understand Hindi-Urdu due to the popularity and influence of Bollywood films, songs and actors in the region. [70] [71] Hindi is also spoken by a large population of Madheshis (people having roots in north-India but have migrated to Nepal over hundreds of years) of Hindi continues to be the most widely spoken Indian language in the US with 8.74 lakh speakers as of July 1, 2018, followed by Gujarati, and Telugu, a survey released by US Census Bureau revealed According to the data, more than 52 crore or 43.63% of the total of 121 crore Indians speak Hindi. It is followed by Bengali and Marathi, with 8.03% and 6.86% speakers, respectively. Telugu (6.7%) and Tamil (5.7%) are fourth and fifth-most spoken languages in the country.
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It is one of the official languages of the country. According to the 2011 census, the number of people who speak Hindi In 2021, there were around 1.35 billion people worldwide who spoke English either natively or as a second language, slightly more than the 1.12 billion Mandarin Chinese speakers at the time of Around 41.1% of the Indian population understand, speak and are probably able to write Hindi in India. There are a total of 551.4 million speakers of Hindi. Out of which :- 422 millions have Hindi as their mother tongue. Between 2001 and 2011, the Hindi-speaking population in Tamil Nadu has risen by 50%. The anti-Hindi agitation of the 1960s led to several generations In India, Hindi is spoken as a first language by nearly 425 million people and as a second language by some 120 million more.

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Today, only a fraction  bab.la is not responsible for their content. EnglishI myself speak for the Swedish-speaking population of Finland and for the province of Åland. India has slowly become one of the countries wherein people use Discord Frequently. So I wanted to request That Hindi is add as a Send us a photo of this people group · Prayer Cards In Nagaland they speak Nagamese and read and write in Roman.